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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Patient & Family Council

What is a Patient & Family Partner?

A Patient Family Partner at Unity Health Toronto is an individual with experience and expertise as either a patient and/or family member at any of the three Unity Health hospitals. The role of a PFP is voluntary. Our PFPs work beside us to advance our culture of patient and family partnered care and achieve our vision: The best care experiences. Created together. They do this by sharing their experience and expertise as a patient and/or family member to help inform initiatives and strategies to ensure they result in the best care experiences.

What is the Providence Patient & Family Council (PFC)?

The PFC is a team of Patient and Family Partners (PFPs) with specific experience as patients and/or family members at Providence Health Care. They meet with the support of staff from the Patient Experience & Community Engagement team on a monthly basis to work on initiatives and provide input on hospital projects and strategies to achieve the Unity Health vision: The best care experiences. Created together.

Who is on the Providence Patient and Family Council (PFC)?

There are currently nine Patient and Family Partners on the Providence Patient and Family Council. Each member commits to a two year term that is renewable for one additional two year term. The PFPs on the council may also engage in other activities at Providence and across Unity Health aimed at improving the care experience.

What does the Providence PFC do?

First and foremost the PFC is a resource to the whole organization. The members of the PFC are passionate about partnering with and supporting staff in initiatives aimed at creating the best care experiences. When staff bring an idea or new initiative to the PFC they will enter into a dialogue with the PFC members to understand i) the patient/family perspective ii) the potential impact on the patient and family experience and iii) ideas and recommendations on how to ensure that the initiative keeps our patients and families at the forefront.

How often does the Providence PFC meet?

The Providence PFC meets the second Thursday of every month from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Examples of initiatives the PFC has provided input on

The following list is an example of some of the initiatives the Providence PFC has provided input on:

  • Letter to families/visitors coming to see a patient on a unit that is in outbreak
  • Unity Health strategic plan, mission, vision and values
  • Annual quality priorities
  • Unity Health Toronto Care Experience Charter
  • Process for staff to bring topics to the PFC
  • Approach to becoming a health literate organization

What are the benefits to partnering with Patient and Family Partners?

Partnering with Patient and Family Partners in our strategies and projects is beneficial in many ways. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring that changes we make actually matter to our patients and families and will make a difference to them
  • Gain insights and perspectives about the care experience that as staff we may not recognize or experience ourselves
  • Develop a better understanding of what our hospital does really well in terms of best care experiences and where change may be needed
  • Inspire and generate new ideas and solutions so that staff do not have to have all the answers
  • Provide diverse perspectives that assist the hospital in understanding how services or processes may impact people differently
  • Help forge connections with our community

How do I become a Patient and Family Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a Patient and Family Partner at Providence Health Care please click on the link below. Here you will find more information about the role and how to apply to become a Patient and Family Partner.