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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions



(March 12, 2020) - Please note that the Providence Healthcare volunteer program (including the placements in the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence) is currently suspended in order to better protect the health and safety of our volunteers, patients, residents, families and staff.

If you are a current volunteer, please check your email or leave us a voicemail message for information and updates.

If you are a future applicant, please periodically check our website for updates as to when we will resume normal operations.

Thank you.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer at Providence Healthcare is 14-years**. You must be the minimum age by the time you begin to volunteer.

**This excludes Customer Service - Retail Sales where the minimum age is 16 years.

Can I choose the area in which I volunteer?

Volunteers are placed according to the needs of our patients and residents as requested by staff and depend on suitability. Your preferences and availability will be discussed at your interview.

Can I volunteer in more than one area and/or in more than one area per week?

We suggest that new volunteers begin with one or two shifts per week. If your attendance is regular, we may allow additional shifts if there are suitable openings.

Can I complete my 40 hours of community involvement for my secondary school credit?

All volunteers choose a specific program which have minimum time and hour commitments. Once the minimum commitment has been met, a Statement of Volunteer Commitment will be issued upon request. Statements are not issued after 40 hours.

I’ve just finished my PSW course. Would I be able to do my placement at Providence Healthcare?

Clinical placements must go through our Professional Practice Leader of Nursing. Volunteers are not allowed to perform any personal care duties. We accept Community Service Placements and co-op placements from high schools, colleges and universities.

I am in university and taking the Social Workers course and would like to do my placement at Providence Healthcare. Is this an option?

Only students enrolled in the Masters of Social Work program are accepted for placements here.

Does Providence offer paid co-op placements for university students?

Paid co-op placements are very limited and are not considered volunteer placements. Requests for these placements should be directed to the Human Resources Recruitment Coordinator.