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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

A monthly support group in the Scotiabank Learning Centre provides a place for people to share their challenges in caring for loved ones with dementia.

Providence’s support groups and education programs help our community

Sep 06, 2018

By Emily Dawson

At Providence Healthcare, our focus is on helping people flourish both within our hospital and in the community.

We offer regular community support programs through our Scotiabank Learning Centre (SLC) – located in our hospital – to help clients and their caregivers cope with conditions such as stroke, dementia, arthritis and Parkinson’s.

The SLC also offers other health promotion and education sessions throughout the year. All services are open to the public at no cost.

“We have only one goal – to provide resources and support to help people live healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives,” said Erin Leneeuw, clinical resource co-ordinator for intake and family guidance in the SLC.

“Health care is always changing, our system can be hard to navigate - especially for new Canadians and seniors - and ‘Dr. Google’ is not always a reliable source of information. The SLC gives people the personal attention and support systems they need to improve their health and quality of life,” Leneeuw explained.

On Sept. 19, the SLC is offering an Introduction to Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids session. Audiologist Dr. Robert Loomis will address questions about hearing loss and the latest information about hearing technology. The session is co-presented with the Canadian Hearing Society and participants can expect highly credible and useful information.

We also expect a great turnout at our Oct. 15 session. Presenters from the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC) will help people through the challenges of grief and loss.

“What we hope to give people is an understanding of the grief experience, emphasizing its impact on a person’s life, and a look at how grief manifests itself,” said Karina Rakhimova, bereavement care co-ordinator at SCHC.

“It’ll be an introduction to the more formal programming available through SCHC. We provide peer-led support programs run by volunteers who have experienced a significant loss and who are able to provide a perspective as someone who understands the grief experience.”

All services are free-of-charge. To register for one of these sessions call 416-285-3666, ext. 3810. To learn more about the Scotiabank Learning Centre at Providence, call 416-285-3666, ext. 4177.