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Strength is. Providence

Strength Is Mantra

At Providence, we believe society’s definition of strength is incomplete.

We believe that strength is ageless, limitless, genderless and both physical and mental. Strength isn’t just who can lift the most weight or win the most championships. Strength is in our ability to be vulnerable, to bounce back from adversity and have the courage to rely on others in times of weakness. Strength is taking a first step after an accident, cooking dinner for family after a stroke, and having the power to overcome our internal saboteurs that tell us we can’t keep going.

Strength is in all of us – we just don’t know it yet.

That’s why we do what we do at Providence. We push you, motivate you and believe in you – even when you don’t – challenging you to see how much strength is really within you.

We are Providence and we exist to inspire your strongest self.

Strength Is Never Giving Up

At 32, Rob had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery. When Rob arrived at Providence, he could barely stand, but with the right care, Rob regained his strength and resilience.

“I would attribute 95% of my recovery to Providence. When you’re rebuilding from the ground up, you have to feel safe to put a broken foot forward.”

At Providence, we are re-defining what the word strength means to people like Rob.

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Strength Is Support

Mary is a resident at the Houses at Providence and can truly light up any room that she enters. Her life story is one of strength, courage and resilience. Mary was a single mother who was born blind and later developed Parkinson’s. She has a loving family, an affection for animals and an enviable zest for life. Mary is a true embodiment of what strength means to us at Providence.

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Strength Is Our Patients

Patients were asked to write an anonymous thank you note to a Providence caregiver. Caregivers don't know what they're about to read in the note. Watch the video to find out what happens!

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Strength Is Empathy

Olympic hopeful Sarah Douglas, understands the importance of strength. After wearing an aging suit—used to mimic the effects of aging—Sarah developed a deep appreciation for the strength our patients demonstrate everyday.

“I almost can’t imagine the amount of strength Providence patients would need on a daily basis.”

At Providence, our goal is to build empathy and redefine what strength means to our staff, patients and their families.

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Strength Is Finding Joy In Remembering

Adrian's father, Aston Frederick Barned, was a patient in Providence’s Palliative Care program.

Adrian was able to celebrate his dad’s ‘life well lived’ at Providence.

“We chose Providence for my dad’s palliative journey, and it’s an incredible place. The people are amazing, the care is second-to-none, and we had a lot of people who did everything they could to make dad’s final week comfortable,” Adrian recalls.

“For me, strength is … being able to find joy in remembering my dad.”

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