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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

For Outpatients

Our Outpatient Clinics and Services provide community-based programs with a strong focus on the needs of both individuals and their caregivers. Building strong community networks and connections is a key priority for Providence Healthcare.

Our Outpatient Clinics and Services include:

For information on making a referral, visit our For Referring Partners section.

Stroke and Neuro Clinic

The Stroke and Neuro Clinic offers assessment and rehabilitation services to individuals with recent strokes who are outpatients of Providence Hospital and acute care centres, as well as to individuals with neurological conditions who are outpatients of Providence Hospital.

Services include nursing, occupational therapy, physiatry, physiotherapy, speech language pathology, social work and therapeutic recreation (individual and/or group setting).

Orthopaedic and Amputee Clinic

The Orthopaedic and Amputee Clinic offers consultation, assessment and rehabilitation services to outpatients of Providence Hospital, acute care hospitals and individuals living in the community with acute musculoskeletal injuries and amputation.

Services include pain management, physiotherapy (group and/or individual sessions) and occupational therapy. It also includes an Amputee Assistive Devices Clinic.

Amputee Assistive Devices Clinic

The amputee team consists of the Physician, Prosthetist and Rehab Assessor (Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist). Services offered by the amputee team include a client-centred assessment of prosthetic readiness and eligibility for assistive devices funding. Prosthetic prescription is based on discussion and recommendations of all amputee team members including the client.

GLA:D Canada - Good Life with Arthritis

This program is designed to help people who have osteoarthritis in their hips or knees. The Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark (GLA:D) program has been wildly successful in Denmark and GLA:D Canada is now making the program available in Ontario for conservative management of arthritis.

The program goals are to help people avoid surgery, assist in pain management and provide education on some of the challenges of living with arthritis.

Each clinic runs for eight weeks, and clients received 12 exercise classes in the Ortho-Amp Clinic plus two education sessions in the Scotiabank Learning Centre during that timeframe.

Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TCLHIN) collaborates with the Regional Assessment Centres, which provide both assessment and registration for GLA:D Canada clinics, including Providence's.

Learn more about joining this program.

Falls Prevention Clinic

Part of our Assess and Restore Services, the Falls Prevention Clinic is a client-centred, holistic program that offers comprehensive falls risk assessment, mobility assessment, and treatment program to individuals who have a functional loss as well as identifiable rehabilitation goals. This program is available to outpatients of Providence Hospital and individuals living in the community. Services include occupational therapy and physiotherapy, with the focus to maximize an individual’s capability and safety while living in the community.

Assess and Restore Services

The Assess and Restore Services provide a wide range of services to primarily geriatric clients, aged 60 and up or those younger than 60 who present with geriatric conditions/symptoms, living in the community, requiring outpatient and community supports. Our services include:

Geriatric Medicine Clinic

The on-site Geriatric Medicine clinic is staffed by a Geriatrician and sees clients with complex medical needs and provides them with a comprehensive medical assessment, consultation, treatment and linkage back to the primary care physician or referral source. The Geriatrician will facilitate linkages with Providence Healthcare’s Frailty Intervention Team (FIT), Mental Health Support Service, Medication Management Service and Community Outreach services, and will refer to the inpatient Geriatric and Medical Rehabilitation units as needed.

Frailty Intervention Team

The on-site Frailty Intervention Team (FIT) consists of an interprofessional team including a Primary Care Physician, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse and Social Worker. The mandate of the FIT is to assess geriatric clients presenting with acute, complex medical issues, and triage them accordingly to avoid unnecessary ED visits and improve outcomes. The physician provides triage, medical assessment, consultation, treatment, referral to a team of allied health professionals (where appropriate) and linkage back to the community physician or referral source. If warranted, the client can be admitted directly to Providence Healthcare's inpatient or outpatient programs.

Medication Management Service

This clinical Medication Management Service is provided by a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist and is designed to optimize therapeutic outcomes for individuals through a clinic or home-based assessment of all aspects of medication use. A comprehensive report is provided to the referral source, including an assessment , summary and recommendations.

Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic

A Geriatric Psychiatrist provides assessment, consultation and treatment to geriatric individuals who may have a mental health issue, a dementia syndrome, behavioural or psychosocial issues. Consultation typically occurs in the on-site clinic setting, however home visits may be arranged for homebound individuals, as needed.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach service provides a comprehensive home-based assessment by an interprofessional team (Pharmacist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Physiotherapist, and Social Worker) for geriatric clients with multiple complex medical, functional, and psycho-social conditions in their home. This service provides client-specific recommendations to the Primary Care Physician or referral source, and referral to community partners and services when appropriate.