Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Respite for Caregivers

We offer short-stay admissions for up to two weeks. We provide individual, specialized care throughout your stay to allow your caregivers time for rest and renewal.

How do you apply for respite care?

Your family physician or Home and Community Care from the Toronto Central LHIN will send us your application to receive Palliative Respite Care. Please let us know the date you require admission and your planned discharge date home.

Prior to your arrival, we will contact you (or someone close to you) to collect key contact information and discuss:

  • Your future health care wishes
  • What’s important to you that we could help with during your stay
  • Your usual daily routine and diet
  • Your personal care needs at home
  • Your continence plan (if you use pull- ups at home, please bring them with you)
  • How you are moving around your home (if using a walker or wheelchair, please bring your equipment with you)
  • Whether you require any special supplies like a colostomy bag or feeding supplies (if yes, please bring them with you)
  • If you would like to explore Preferred Accommodation (private/semi-private room – costs may apply)

In addition, please bring enough comfortable clothes for your stay. We have a fridge available for patients and their family, so label and bring your favourite non-perishable foods.