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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare


Please Note: Our monthly parking passes for visitors to our Houses of Providence are changing on January 1, 2018. View Houses new monthly parking pass rates.

How to Use our Parking System

  • Take a ticket from the machine at the entrance gate and keep it with you.
  • Pay before you leave at one of our five pay stations: Providence Hospital main reception, Clinics Entrance, Palliative Care, Houses of Providence and at the exit gate.
  • Take your exit ticket from the pay station.
  • Drive to the exit and insert your exit ticket at the terminal and the gate will open.
  • In case of lost tickets, motorists must pay the maximum rate for the full day.
  • FREE parking is available to all visitors on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

FREE Parking for Pick-up/Drop-offs

Take a ticket at the entrance then insert the ticket at the exit gate. If it is 29 minutes or under, parking is FREE.

Parking Options (see below for rates)

  • We offer 1/2 hour, hourly and daily rates.
  • Day passes are available for 7, 14 or 28 consecutive days.
  • Exit bundles for 5 or 20 exits within one-year.
Short Term Parking (in front of Hospital)

1 hour: $6.00

Long Term Parking
0-29 mins: FREE
1/2 Hour: $2.75
Hourly Parking: $5.50
Daily: $10.00

7 Day Pass (Unlimited in/out privileges. Expires 7 days after purchase): $41.00
14 Day Pass (Unlimited in/out privileges. Expires 14 days after purchase): $51.00
28 Day Pass (Unlimited in/out privileges. Expires 28 days after purchase): $61.00

5 Exit Bundle (No in/out privileges. Expires after 1 year): $41.00
20 Exit Bundle (No in/out privileges. Expires after 1 year): $120.00

Handicap Designated Parking Spaces

Disabled parking spaces are available outside the main entrances to Providence Hospital, the Houses of Providence and our Clinics entrance (Door 7A).

What else do I need to know?

  • The direction of traffic around our campus is in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • There are four main door entrances to Providence:
    1. Providence Hospital main entrance is on the south side;
    2. Clinics Entrance entrance is on the east side;
    3. Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence entrance is on the north side;
    4. Adult Day Program entrance is on the east side.
  • For the safety of everyone at Providence, please pay very close attention to all traffic signs and heed the property’s speed limit of 25 km/h.