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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Room Accommodations

At Providence, we are pleased to offer Hospital accommodation that suits your needs. While some prefer the social aspect of a shared Hospital room, others may prefer semi-private or private accommodation that provides a quieter environment. Other benefits of a preferred room may include having guaranteed access to a window for natural lighting and fewer individuals sharing a bathroom.

Our Hospital offers three types of accommodation:

Basic Accommodation

  • Ward

Preferred Accommodation

  • Semi-private
  • Private

Your extended health insurance plans may cover the cost -- or some of the cost -- of preferred accommodation at Providence Healthcare. You may also choose to pay privately for the preferred accommodation you are interested in.

To ensure your accommodation requests are addressed right from the start of your rehab journey, we encourage you to indicate your interest for preferred accommodation at the time of application to Providence. You can do this by indicating your preference and providing relevant insurance information to your health care team who is sending your application to Providence Healthcare. You may also inform us of your preference by contacting our Admissions Hotline at 416-285-3744.

Upon admission, one of our Admissions Team members will meet with you and/or your family members to confirm the information we have received and to follow-up on your preferred accommodation request.

Questions about accommodations at Providence Healthcare? Contact our Admissions Hotline at 416-285-3744.

Room Set-Up

Each patient room has a bed, a small bedside table, a chair, a closet for your clothes and your belongings, and a bulletin board for personal memos, photographs, etc.

Most of our rooms have large, shared washrooms. Some units have sunrooms that can be used for family meetings with your healthcare team, as well as your own celebrations and gatherings.

When you arrive, a sign with your name on it will be placed outside your room. This sign helps ensure your visitors can easily find you. If you wish, you may request to have your name withheld from this sign.

Each room is also equipped with a telephone and a television. Bedside phones are provided free of charge for incoming and outgoing local calls. Please note there is a cost to rent the television. If you are a patient and would like to order a TV rental, please contact HealthHub by:

  • Dial 5-5-4 from a patient phone
  • Call 1-866-223-3686 from any phone
  • Order via the "Rent Me" box from the bedside TV
  • Online at