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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

L-R: Dr. Ashley Verduyn, medical director of the Houses of Providence, at the awards ceremony with Dr. Anne McCurrach

Dr. Anne McCurrach wins OLTCC's Physician of the Year Award

Oct 30, 2018

Providence Healthcare is proud to announce that Dr. Anne McCurrach has won the 2018 Physician of the Year Award from the Ontario Long Term Care Clinicians (OLTCC).

This honour recognizes a single physician in long-term care who demonstrates exemplary resident care. Nominees show a commitment to the vision, knowledge and passion needed to improve quality in their organization, and demonstrate leadership and interprofessional collaboration.

Dr. McCurrach, with her natural modesty and collaborative spirit, praised the team in Providence’s Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence long-term care home and attributed this award to their incredible work with residents.

“Nobody acts alone. The team on the third floor – where I’ve worked for 17 years – is exceptional. Led by our head nurse, Elsa Pong, the team is clever, understanding, and compassionate. They are also quick to help each other out in order to provide the very best care,” said Dr. McCurrach.

She points to the relationship she builds with residents as one of the greatest sources of satisfaction. Long-term care is a challenging sector of the system, but the opportunity to really engage with and get to know residents makes the work very special.

“We don’t just look after medications; we get to know people, learn where they’re from and what life experiences they have. There’s great joy in watching a resident, especially someone with dementia, light up when reminiscing or singing familiar tunes with them.”

Dr. McCurrach reflected on what drew her to long-term care all those years ago. “Growing up, my granny and grandad were in and around the house all the time. They were fantastic and it was very good to grow up with older people in my life.

“We can’t do much about how people come into the world but we can perhaps make their journey to the end-of-life a bit better. And that’s what I try to do for our residents.”