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Celebrating generosity at Providence Healthcare

National Philanthropy Day is a special day set aside every 15th of November. Held annually, it is an opportunity to honour, recognize, and say "Thank You" to those who contribute their time, talents, and financial support to organizations who rely on charitable giving to do their work.

Michael Made a Legacy Gift of Strength

Michael Pasquale and his mother, Rosie always had warm and fond memories of Providence Healthcare. Close family members had received exceptional care there and when the time came to seek palliative care for Rosie, Providence was the only place she wanted to be.

Planned giving isn’t just for the wealthy!

Many people mistakenly believe you have to be wealthy to leave a planned gift. That couldn’t be further than the truth! In fact, about 10 per cent of Canadian adults include planned gifts in their Wills, and it is a growing trend. Regardless of the size of the estate (the total of the money and property held by a person), planned gifts can be arranged in a way to maximize tax benefits and the donation available to the charity.

Planning your Legacy

George Cobham Sr. has arranged to provide for Providence Healthcare in his Will to honour his mother and continue her legacy. George’s mother volunteered at Providence when he was growing up as the youngest child in a family of six children. “While my mother always had time for me and my siblings, she also made time for her beloved Catholic Women’s League work and Providence….She saw how Providence could assist those who were less fortunate and were struggling with life’s challenges, and yet they were treated with dignity and with the utmost care and respect.”

Husband and Father Honoured by Gift

One thing is for sure. Harold Leslie Wilson loved and was loved. Married to Sheila Quinn in 1955 in Toronto, he was father of five children and lived a full life in Toronto. He was a Chartered Accountant with a successful practice and was devoted to his faith, family and friends. He loved sports, music and movies with a passion and relished sharing that love with everyone in his life.

What is a legacy?

May is National Leave a Legacy Month. A legacy is how you will be remembered after you are gone. It can be something physical and real – like money or property, or it could be something less tangible – like a legacy of kindness that other people try to live up to.

Reflecting back on a BIG year

2017 was the year of the rooster… and we can’t stop crowing about all the amazing moments that have left a lasting impression on us. Reflecting back on last year, our small team at Providence Healthcare Foundation were able to pull off many BIG things. It was our 30th anniversary this year… we had to make the year really special.

“Take Care of Those People.” A Story Shared by Elsie Myette

Did you know that May is National LEAVE A LEGACY™ month? Last year, we received an astounding $400,000 in legacy gifts from individuals who were moved to leave a gift for Providence Healthcare in their wills. We would like to take an opportunity to encourage the consideration of gift planning and shed awareness on the long-standing positive impact those gifts have for our families and our communities.

Podcast: Tax Saving Tips

As part of our ongoing outreach, we like to provide information to our community relating to legacy giving, planning your estate, and maximizing your tax benefits. Today, the Foundation is turning to Enzo Morini, a Partner at Williams & Partners LLP, to ask him all about some of the best ways to maximize tax incentives with your personal income tax.