Providence Healthcare Foundation
Providence Healthcare Foundation

Pillars of Providence

Providence Healthcare Foundation is pleased to honour the individuals listed below as the Pillars of Providence. Each one of them has taken the step to ensure the future of Providence Healthcare through a legacy gift.

Mrs. Vera Bettridge-Ashwell

Dr. Tom Bluthardt

George M. Cobham Sr.

Katherine Corner

Bob and Gayle Cronin

Elizabeth M. Fowler

Len and Mary Gillis

Pam & Chris Hodgson

Mr. Patrick Jordan

Joanne Kelly

Peter and Kate Kilty

Alan and Sharon King

Marianna Korman

Reverend Laurence J. Leger

Hugh and Patricia Loughran

Kenneth A. MacKenzie

Angela Macri

Mr. Francis Mascarenhas

In honour of Ilona Mattyasovszky-1984

Marlena McCarthy and Jack Bergmans

Roger McCrorie & Family

Evelyn McGloin

Dusty and Anne Miklas & Family

Sherry Monahan

Helen and Frank Morneau

E. Margaret Morris

In Memory Of My Father Harold Arrowsmith: Elsie Myette

Margaret O'Halloran

Brian and Anneliese O’Malley

Rosemary & Chuck Rathgeb

Jennifer C. Stewart

In honour of Olga & John Szpin

Tom Thomas

Eric & Betty Tipping

Renee M. Vachon

Gretchen Van Riesen

In honour of Harold L. Wilson

Terry and Irene Wolff

Anonymous Donors (7)

Updated: May 2018