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Leave a Legacy 101

Why write a will?

Although it might seem at first a little daunting, your will is the only way to ensure your money, assets and belongings are distributed according to your wishes by people you select. Surprisingly, over 50% of Canadian adults do not have a legal will, and assume that their money and property will automatically pass to their loved ones.

In fact, if you don’t have a will, your property is distributed according to provincial laws, which may not coincide with your wishes! Your estate may pay more taxes than necessary, and the result could be that part or all of your estate may go to people who you never intended to benefit. This can be distressing and even cause hardship for those left behind.

By writing a will, we are able to protect the future of our loved ones – keeping us in control of where our money and assets go after we’re gone.

Family & friends first – then think of Providence Healthcare…

We understand that family and friends come first, so once you have taken care of your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to Providence Healthcare. It is a wonderful way to celebrate your life, and can make a real and lasting difference in ensuring that others will also benefit from Providence’s compassionate and expert care. It may also provide tax benefits to your estate.

By leaving a gift to a charity in your will, you ensure your assets continue to help others into the future. Your planned gift is your opportunity to participate in the charitable and community work most meaningful to you, in a way that allows these important causes to be well supported even after you are gone. You know what Providence has meant to you, your family, and loved ones. Think of them first, then consider creating a lasting legacy to make sure the services that have helped you will be there for those who need them.

When we leave a charitable gift, we are leaving a legacy that ensures help will continue to be there for those who need it.

Surely only the wealthy leave money to charities in their wills?

It is a myth that only the rich leave legacies to charity! In fact the majority of legacies are from ordinary people like you and me. Our most common planned gift amount is $3,000-$5,000. Anyone can arrange to leave a planned gift to a charity, and consult with their professional advisor about the related tax benefits, but most importantly:

Each and every gift, regardless of its size, counts and will help make a lasting difference to Providence Healthcare.

I want to get started – how do I do that, and where can I learn more?

Fantastic! Here are some helpful pointers from Leave a Legacy TM about how you can start gift planning:

  • Do your homework. Reach out to Dane Shumak, CFRE at He can tell you more about what we do, the available gift opportunities, and how your gift can allow Providence Healthcare to continue its legacy of hope and healing for all who enter our doors.
  • Consult a Professional Advisor. Consult the appropriate professional advisor in order to get the right expertise and advice. An advisor can help to ensure the type and timing of your gift maximizes the advantages to you and the organization. To search for an advisor in your area, click here. The Law Society of Upper Canada also offers a service on its website to locate a lawyer in Ontario.
  • Talk to your family members. Make sure that your family members are aware of your intentions so they can support the achievement of your charitable goals.

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill

Planned Giving Newsletter

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Pillars of Providence

Providence Healthcare Foundation is pleased to honour the individuals listed as the Pillars of Providence. Each one has taken the step to help ensure our future.