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Harold's Story

One thing is for sure. Harold Leslie Wilson loved and was loved. Married to Sheila Quinn in 1955 in Toronto, he was father to five children and lived a full life in Toronto. He was a Chartered Accountant with a successful practice and was devoted to his faith, family and friends. He loved sports, music and movies with a passion and shared that love with relish with everyone in his life. Read more here.

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For more information about leaving your legacy, please contact Nona Bourgeois at, or by completing the Request More Information form below.

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Bequest to Providence

The decision to leave a charity in your will can be one of the most rewarding gifts you will ever make in your lifetime. If you are currently creating a will, or have one and wish to make amendments, please consider contacting your legal counselor to ensure the correct wording is in place for a bequest. We strongly encourage you to work with your charities-of-choice throughout your decision-making process.

Providence Healthcare Foundation will work with you to identify your areas of interest and help inspire others with recognition as a Pillar of Providence. We can recognize gifts of the future, today.

Or, if you would like to notify Providence Healthcare Foundation of a bequest to our essential organization, please complete our Bequest Confirmation Form and short questionnaire, and mail it to our office.

Gifts of Stock

Providence Healthcare Foundation accepts donations of publicly listed securities that can be traded on a recognized stock exchange, e.g. TSE, NYSE. A charitable tax receipt will be issued by Providence Healthcare Foundation for the value of the shares based on the end-of-day trading price on the day the securities are transferred. Your donation of securities can be applied towards a tax credit when filing your income tax return.

Download Foundation’s Letter of Authorization form to start the process for your gift of securities.

Life Insurance

Life insurance presents a cost-effective way to give, whereby you can pay a nominal premium during your lifetime and leave a sizable legacy to Providence. Some of the benefits of donating life insurance include: smaller current cash investment leveraged into a larger future gift; a charitable tax receipt tax; savings in your lifetime or for your estate.

Options include:

  • transfer of ownership of a paid-up or unpaid policy;
  • retain ownership and name Providence as the beneficiary; or,
  • name Providence as the owner and beneficiary.


By promising a RRIF/RRSP to Providence, you can use your retirement saving investment during your lifetime and your estate will also receive tax relief. The benefits of donating RRSPs and RRIFs include: satisfaction of providing a future gift; a charitable tax receipt for your estate; offsetting estate taxes and reducing probate fees; ability to donate and at the same time protect your assets for loved ones.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Through a charitable gift annuity you have the opportunity to secure a guaranteed monthly income at a fixed rate.

To learn more about legacy gifts, please contact Nona Bourgeois at, or simply complete the Request More Information Form.