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Transformation by Design

  • "I never imagined I could walk her down the aisle".

    Winnie and her Daughter Linda

Winnie was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition in which her cholesterol medication attacked her immune system. It left her without the strength to walk.

After some time at an acute care hospital, she was transferred to Providence in April 2013 where she stayed for six months of rehabilitation. Winnie’s goal was to put on a pretty dress and high heels and walk her daughter Linda down the aisle at her wedding.

Providence helped her meet her goal.

Your Donation will Help Transform the Future of Care at Providence

Hope starts with knowing you can go home sooner.

It is one of the best things we can do for our patients: helping them reclaim their dignity, mobility and independence. This is the commitment that drives us every day at Providence Healthcare. And it is what guides us in our active approach to care - one that brings patients to us sooner, rehabilitates them better, and sends them home earlier, where they want to be.

Our new model, which we call Transformation by Design, has received praise from across the province for its successful results in returning patients to their lives sooner and more cost-effectively.

Transformation by Design enables Providence to proactively identify patients ready for rehabilitation. It provides Patient Flow Coordinators, paid staff of Providence, embedded in five of Toronto's acute care hospitals, the opportunity to identify patients who can benefit from, and are ready for, rehabilitation at Providence Healthcare.

Rehabilitating patients are Providence not only alleviates the pressure on our overburdened acute care facilities, it also enables us to care for patients at a significantly lower cost - savings that contribute to the financial sustainability of our overall healthcare system.

Activity Room Activity Room

Rehabilitation RoomRehabilitation Room

Home Safety and Practice RoomHome Safety and Practice Room

Transformed Spaces, Transformative Care.

Providence Healthcare is physically transforming the Hospital to support our "rehabilitation everywhere, always" philosophy, which will greatly improve all patient outcomes, and help the people in our care prepare to return home safely and sooner.

With this vision in mind, we are seeking to transform all six of our hospital rehabilitation units to support new processes and dramatically improve patient flow and efficiency.

When a new patient arrives at Providence, our work begins by identifying the day they will be ready to go home. We reassure them we are partners in making that day a reality - offering them real home and working with them to set achievable goals.

To that end, each of our remodeled rehabilitation units is carefully designed to provide the ideal space, equipment, and environment to help patients find the courage, confidence and motivation they need to recover after surgery or other complex medical condition.

The rehab units have been designed to maximize space, support recovery and provide a comfortable home-like setting where patients can practice the skills needed to live as independently as possible at home - and reduce their likelihood of having another incident that would result in a trip to the Emergency Room.

With Transformation by Design and a more timely transfer to Providence for rehabilitation, our patients are able to return home sooner, with ongoing follow-up and support after their discharge. Providence's Transformation by Design innovations are saving the healthcare system money, opening up urgently needed beds and getting people safely back to their lives, with hope for a brighter future ahead.