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WIPP Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation, Community and Strength!

On Tuesday, April 23, Providence Healthcare Foundation held its annual Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP) voting meeting where employees pitched their project ideas to WIPP donors in the hopes of being selected for funding. This year’s meeting was a very special one as not only did we grant $100,000, but we celebrated the 10th anniversary of WIPP!

A MAPP & WIPP Love Affair

Thursday, January 31 was a special night of love as both our men and women’s philanthropic groups, MAPP and WIPP, came together to “party with a purpose” at their first EVER combined event!

Joy and Celebration at the WIPP Holiday Social

The 10th Annual WIPP Holiday Social was full of cheer as donors and guests caught up with old and new friends, crossed a few names off their holiday shopping lists, and let loose before the holiday season.

The Power of Stories

Michelle Dubé, co-anchor of CTV News Toronto, was the keynote speaker at the 9th annual Women in Philanthropy (WIPP) Inspiration Evening held recently in Toronto. Her presentation took the form of a window into her world as a “news lady”, providing insight into some of the challenges she faces and the rewards that come with being a trusted newscaster who gets to be close to people for brief, but meaningful, glimpses into their lives.

Projects will Increase Patient Comfort and Quality of Life

Providence Healthcare Foundation held its annual “Women in Philanthropy for Providence” (WIPP) voting meeting on April 12, 2018. This is the meeting when Providence Healthcare employees pitch their ideas to WIPP donors for innovative projects they are hoping to fund over the next year. WIPP raises money to fund projects that will cost $100,000 – usually one $100,000 project per year, however this is a special year because enough money was raised to fund two projects!

Saluting the women of Providence for International Women's Day

To mark International Women’s Day, it seems fitting to salute a woman being helped at Providence Healthcare, and shine a light on the women who do the helping. Providence was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, so the care of women, by women, has always been top of mind here. It’s an approach that has imbued the hospital’s caring culture, our celebration of courage and our commitment to the dignity of all people.

Reflecting back on a BIG year

2017 was the year of the rooster… and we can’t stop crowing about all the amazing moments that have left a lasting impression on us. Reflecting back on last year, our small team at Providence Healthcare Foundation were able to pull off many BIG things. It was our 30th anniversary this year… we had to make the year really special.

Feeling Merry & Bright at the WIPP Holiday Social

The holiday spirit was strong on December 6th as over 90 WIPP donors and guests gathered at The Lodge on Queen for a celebration like no other. It was the perfect combination of holiday shopping, great cocktails, and close friends gathering to unwind before the busy holiday season.

A Night of Laughter, Camaraderie and Philanthropy!

Thursday, September 28 was a special night of love and laughter with the women of WIPP at our annual creative event. Over 70 donors and guests gathered at the stunning HOK offices for a hilarious improv comedy workshop directed by Stephanie Herrera and Dwayne Mailman of Durham Improv Collective.

An Inspirational Night with Nellie Vieira

Over 80 donors and special guests came together for the 8th annual WIPP Inspiration Evening presented by Scotiabank on June 6 at the beautiful, new Scotiabank Conference Centre. This was a truly inspiring night for all who attended. We were pleased to host guest speaker, Nellie Vieira, Professional Negotiator and Coach.