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Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP) was started in April 2009, with the goal of inspiring 30 donors to join an inclusive giving circle for an annual donation of $1,000 (or $500 for women under 35). In its first year, WIPP exceeded expectations, with 52 donors joining and collectively raising over $50,000 to support the urgent needs of Providence Healthcare.

Fast forward to today, with close to 120 women in this very special giving program, the impact of WIPP continues to grow and spread. Since its inception, WIPP has given more than $725,000 to make a tangible difference in the lives of those cared for at Providence. In addition to driving positive change at Providence, WIPP has created lasting friendships and camaraderie among the women who join, regardless of age, ethnicity or circumstance.

Our Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP) group is not just a program – it’s a network, a circle, a forum and an example of what can happen when a group of dynamic women work together to spark change.

Email Cassidy Walker-Sloan or call 416-285-3666, ext. 3990 for more details.

What to expect in 2018:

Luxury Chef Experience

Enjoy an exciting culinary experience! A local celebrity chef will share their passion for food with the women of WIPP in a high-energy, interactive cooking demo designed to excite your taste buds. Learn more...

9th Annual Voting Meeting

The annual WIPP Voting Meeting is a special event where donors are given a chance to voice their opinion and vote on a project within Providence Healthcare to receive a $100,000 grant in 2018! Learn more...