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MAPP's Impact at Providence

The Power of MAPP

A History of Impact at Providence Healthcare

2020 - $100,000
Fracture Prevention Services

With the help of Men Advancing Philanthropy for Providence (MAPP), we are excited to announce that we will be bringing Fracture Prevention Services to Providence Healthcare. This service will help initiate conversations about bone health and bone health recommendations between patients and their care team.

By following recommendations for bone health, patients will have a better chance of remaining fracture-free, post-rehabilitation, allowing them to live in their homes for as long as possible. Caregivers will also benefit from reduced personal strain, given patients’ increased mobility, independence and greater quality of life.

2019 - $100,000
Hands Up! Improving Arm and Hand Function Post-Stroke

Stacey Connors, Katrina Hill and Joyce Lee won the grant for their “Hands Up! Improving Arm and Hand Function Post-Stroke” proposal. This funding enabled the purchase of innovative equipment and four days of specialized training for occupational therapists on the three Providence stroke units (inpatient and outpatient) for enhancement of upper extremity treatment.

Pictured: Shareef Isa, Vice Chair, MAPP Advisory Group, Stacey Connors, Hands Up! Project Winner, and Tom Zoras, Chair, MAPP Advisory Group

2018 - $100,000
Simulation Program

Providence’s Simulation Program utilizes both a simulation lab and mobile simulation at point of care to improve the training and educational needs of all staff, physicians, and students. Simulation allows healthcare providers to practice new skills in a risk-free environment to improve quality of care and patient safety.


2017 - $70,000
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Suite

This ENT Suite has broadened the scope of services Providence provides in-house, reducing the need for transportation to other facilities which can cause undue stress and risk of infection.


2016 - $50,000
5 Electric Low Beds

These innovative beds improve safety and security by lowering to adjust to diverse patient needs, and include features such as a call and alert system, and a built-in scale to aid wellness and recovery.

2016 - $50,000 (individual donation)
Multi-lingual Automated Calling System

Serving a diverse Greater Toronto community, this project offers follow up calls to discharged patients in multiple languages including English, Cantonese, Greek or Italian. This project was voted 2nd by MAPP donors, but an individual MAPP donor, George Macri, was inspired to personally fund this project.


2015 - $50,000
50 Pressure Relieving Mattresses

As Providence has 245 beds in our hospital, MAPP once again voted to purchase 50 pressure relieving mattresses, making them responsible for replacing 40% of mattresses in the hospital.

2014 - $50,000
50 Pressure Relieving Mattresses

These specialized mattresses are designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers by improving comfort, would healing time, and quality of sleep and reducing the occurrence and severity of wounds.