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Grandparents Day

Thank you Rexall: Providence Healthcare recognizes Rexall for its longstanding contribution

Over the years, Rexall has supported Providence Healthcare Foundation by jointly hosting Grandparents Day, an annual awareness event established to benefit seniors. In 2017, the retail pharmacy chain generously offered to match every dollar fundraised, up to $25,000, each year until 2020. To date, Rexall has donated $100,000 to the Foundation’s Hope Starts Here campaign, thereby making healthcare transformation possible.

"Rexall has been a partner with Providence Healthcare for the past four years, and we are most grateful for their support and commitment,” said Nicole Nakoneshny, Interim CEO, Providence Healthcare Foundation. “This year, our healthcare systems and communities have been impacted like never before. COVID-19 has shown us just how precious our health is, and has shone a spotlight on senior care. Thanks to organizations like Rexall, we can provide much-needed support to ensure the well-being of our patients, residents and staff and we are truly grateful to Rexall for its tremendous contribution to our work here at Providence."


The $16 Million Hope Starts Here campaign, which started in 2011 and concludes this year, set out to transform Providence Healthcare. The campaign targeted a physical remodel of the hospital as well as brought new practices and processes for staff to provide the best care experiences possible for patients. The three key priorities of the campaign included Transformation by Design, Knowledge Centre, and Palliative Care Redefined.

Rexall’s contribution to this critical campaign helped create lasting and meaningful impact at Providence Healthcare, in so many ways. Two potent examples include Rexall’s funding of Transformation by Design; rehabilitating patients at Providence relieves pressure on overburdened acute care facilities - our success in returning patients to their lives sooner and in a more cost effective manner, has proven the merits of our model.

Secondly, funding The Knowledge Centre has had an immediate impact on our 1,200 professional staff and 350 volunteers, as well as 1,000 students and medical residents who train at Providence every year. With Rexall’s support, we have invested in our people – our caregivers!

Given the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on senior populations, this year’s Grandparents Day celebration is more important than ever. In past years, the event was held in-person at Providence Healthcare, however, for this year’s Grandparents Day, Rexall will be engaging in a digital celebration of seniors, a safe and fun solution for all.

Grandparents Day will be commemorated on Sunday, September 13, 2020, where we will be celebrating the impact grandparents have had in our families and community, and a truly special partnership with our friends at Rexall.

Stories and photos highlighting what your grandparent(s) mean to you can be posted on the Foundation's official Facebook page with the hashtag #WeLoveGrandparents.

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We'd Love To Hear YOUR Story!

Share your story and/or photo of what your grandparent(s) mean to you by posting on our Facebook page with the #WeLoveGrandparents hashtag.

Scroll down to read some inspiring stories from our community!

Inspiring Stories About Why #WeLoveGrandparents

Thomas Craig’s Story

Thomas Craig plays Inspector Brackenreid on the hit TV show Murdoch Mysteries. He took the time to share why his grandparents are important to him.

Watch Thomas’s video here.

Shireen Ali’s Story

"I got to fulfill a very special wish to my grandfather at Providence Healthcare. The Palliative Care Team made it possible for me to perform a special dance for him in the Solarium. It was the first time I officially performed live. It was a Bollywood dance and I invited other patients and families to “my mini show” to watch. It was my way of giving back to others and lifting their spirits. But I got back so much more that day,” Shireen said.

Watch Shireen’s video here.

Cristina Stuart's Story

"I had a very close relationship with my grandparents my entire life. Not only did I live with them, but they were truly like second parents to me. They taught me just how important family is. Hearing stories of their adventures growing up in Portugal and immigrating to Canada were so powerful. I never took for granted their love because I knew that everything they did was to give their family an opportunity at a better life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” Cristina said.

Ashley Mayhew’s Story

“My fondest memories with my Nonna were when we would be working together, side-by-side. She taught me the importance of working hard, which sometimes meant rolling up your sleeves getting your hands a little dirty. Whether we were elbow deep in bread dough or weeding the garden I loved being her side-kick. I was always excited to watch and learn, while she was patient and a willing teacher. I’m so grateful for her love and support. My work ethic today is largely attributed to the lessons she taught me then,” Ashley said.

Marc and Winnifred’s Story

Marc was adopted and raised by his grandmother Winnifred. When asked to describe his grandmother Marc said, “She is my Wonder Woman. She’s my grandmother and my mother all rolled into one. She’s strong. She’s my protector. She’s my everything. We’ll come through this together.”

Read Marc and Winnifred's story here.