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When we say we care for patients, we mean it!

Mar 20, 2018

One social worker goes above and beyond.

At Providence Healthcare, we talk a lot about inspiration, hope and celebrating life. We know that recovery is greatly helped when people feel valued and understand that a fulfilling life can be lived in many different ways. In honour of World Social Work Day, we thought we’d share the following. Social worker Tammy Ciuclaru provides a perfect example of how we make that happen.

As a social worker, Tammy’s job is to assist patients who have experienced significant loss or changes in their abilities that require adaptations and adjustments to how they live. She provides counselling and works with families to help them understand patients’ new realities and needs. She identifies resources and sets up supports to ensure patients will have adequate care once they go home.

One of her patients, 70-year-old Bryan Rickey, was at Providence for rehabilitation after a leg amputation caused by complications from Type 1 diabetes. Tammy was helping him adapt to his new normal and working to ensure he could manage safely and independently when discharged to go home.

Bryan’s journey was not so simple though. While still at Providence, he received the terrible news that he would have to have his other leg amputated as well.

That’s when Tammy stepped up to make sure Bryan understood just how much he matters. Tammy took personal time to go to the hospital where the amputation was happening in order to be by Bryan’s side when he came out of surgery.

Bryan says he doesn’t have the words to express how much that meant to him. “It was a feeling of Wow! Tammy takes the time to care,” he says. At maybe his lowest moment, it gave him a boost of strength to keep on going.

You can’t help but be impressed by such a gesture of kindness and affirmation. As Bryan said: “Wow!”