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Meet the lucky winner from Silver Ball 2016 and her new Lexus

Jan 03, 2017

Although Silver Ball guest Stacy joked that she was going to be the lucky winner of the 2016 Lexus RX350, donated by Lexus On The Park, her shock at actually hearing her ticket number being read left her speechless. “I have a friend who recently won a car at another fundraising event, and so I had been joking prior to the Silver Ball that I was going to be the lucky one this time, but I certainly didn’t think it would come true,” said Stacy, once the shock wore off.

Winning the gorgeous RX350, a luxury cross-over vehicle valued at $74,800, will make Stacy’s drives to the cottage and hockey practices with her husband and young children a little easier!

“I’d intended to buy my Silver Ball raffle ticket during the cocktail reception but kept getting distracted (mostly by the beautiful auction items),” Stacy told us. “Thankfully, during dinner, a volunteer came by selling tickets just before the draw, so I was able to get my name in there in the nick of time!”

This was the first Silver Ball for Stacy, and she was inspired by what she learned about Providence Healthcare, and told us she will be back to celebrate with us again in 2017. Stacy was particularly impressed with the many volunteers who helped the event run smoothly, saying, “The Silver Ball was so well put together and a really enjoyable evening. I want to commend your volunteers who really did a great job throughout the evening.”

It takes a community to pull off a $1 million fundraiser, like the Silver Ball, and we, too, thank the volunteers who gave of their time and energy to help us create the perfect guest experience!

All of us at Providence thank Stacy for supporting the Foundation and attending the Silver Ball…and we already look forward to meeting next year’s winner!