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Sanofi Canada to renew support for The Sanofi Education Awards— Hope Starts with Investing in Our Future

Apr 06, 2017

On Tuesday, April 4, Manolo Bayani, Hospital Accounts Specialist of Sanofi Canada, stopped by Providence Healthcare to deliver a $15,000 cheque in support of the Hope Starts Here Campaign. Sanofi’s generous contribution will fund the 2017 Sanofi Education Awards.

The Sanofi Education Award provides essential grants for staff education and aligns perfectly with Providence Healthcare’s new strategic direction to be the BEST Community of Experts for the people we care for. Sanofi Education grants inspire and enable Providence staff to pursue continuous learning and development opportunities that enhance their professional skills. Building upon their new knowledge, our staff will have the confidence and resources to create better care and relationships to help our patients flourish at Providence and at home.

In 2016, Sanofi Education Award grants supported 15 Providence Staff Members including: 1 Speech Pathologist, 5 Social Workers, 4 Physiotherapists and 5 Occupational Therapists. Award recipients used their education grants to enroll in courses for a wide variety of degrees and programs, as well as attend conferences and seminars to learn best practices and innovative care strategies.

Q&A with Melissa Aguilar, a 2016 Sanofi Education Award Recipient:

Q. This Education Award enabled me to
Enroll in a Mindfulness-Based Group Practice course.

Q. What encouraged you to apply for the award?
I continue to seek out opportunities for professional development with the support and encouragement of my managers. I am also grateful for the Departments of Interprofessional Practice and Learning and Development as well as the Foundation for their strong support of the educational endeavors of the staff at Providence

Melissa Aguilar Social Worker, Houses of Providence Long-Term Care

Q. Do you feel the Sanofi Education Award has helped you advance in your current or future role within Providence?
I feel very fortunate to have been a recipient of the Sanofi Education Award in 2016, which allowed me to obtain a certificate in Mindfulness-Based Group Practice. A proposal was submitted in 2016 to Providence’s Learning and Development department for mental health education funding for clinicians.

I was one of the clinicians selected to receive this training. There is a focus on enhancing the provision of mental health supports to the patients, residents, and clients at Providence, as well as a renewed focus on the well-being of Providence’s staff. This training will be utilized in the future to support the provision of these mental health supports and services.

Q. How did the Sanofi Education Award enhance your professional development?
The education award was vital in helping me to complete this training, which took place over the course of three weekends. Through this training, I have gained invaluable skills and knowledge that I can use in my practice as a Social Worker, in supporting the residents, families and caregivers I work with. It has also greatly enhanced my own capacity to care for others, as it has strengthened my own personal resources in managing stress and becoming more mindful in my daily life.

Q. What inspires you to do what you do at Providence?
My colleagues inspire me every day with the amazing and compassionate work that they do. I am inspired by the courage, resilience and gratitude of the patients, residents and families that we work with.

Q. Some final words…
Thank you for your continued support and investment into the education of staff at Providence.

I benefitted tremendously on a personal and professional level from this learning and training. I look forward to being able to share the knowledge and skills I gained with the Providence community.

Thank you Sanofi Canada for helping us to deliver the Providence dream by investing in our dedicated team!