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Dr. Shane Journeay (left), Dr. Pamela Joseph (middle) and Dr. Albert Cheng (right) are 3 Physiatrists who are part of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation team at Providence.

Providence Donors Support Innovative Mobile Ultrasound

Apr 03, 2019

The healthcare landscape in Canada is changing rapidly. By 2036, the number of people aged 65 and over is set to double, putting increased pressure on physicians and caregivers to provide timely, quality care to their patients. At Providence, our physicians are searching for new and innovative technologies aimed to improve accuracy and efficiency for our patients. The latest medical advancements will allow our patients to focus their time and energy on reaching their rehabilitation goals and achieving their new normal.

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation team at Providence continue to put the latest innovations to work in their practice. Dr. Shane Journeay, Dr. Pamela Joseph and Dr. Albert Cheng – physiatrists at Providence – are utilizing mobile point-of-care ultrasound technology to help in the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical conditions.

At Providence, many of our patients have experienced physical complications associated with aging. These complications range from torn ligaments and tendonitis in hips or shoulders to unpredictable anatomy due to old age, arthritic changes or injury. These health issues can present challenges for physicians as they attempt to diagnose and treat patients who are experiencing pain and discomfort.


The Sonosite M-Turbo Ultrasound is a mobile point-of-care imaging system that increases a clinician’s ability to differentiate their patient’s internal structures and vessels.

According to Dr. Journeay, “the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound in our hospital has improved the accuracy and safety of a variety of injections. This enables us to provide more efficient care right here at Providence while patients are undergoing rehabilitation.”

In the past, physicians relied on their understanding of anatomy and often costly imaging techniques to confirm musculoskeletal conditions. Today, the use mobile ultrasound imaging is revolutionizing the way physiatrists at Providence diagnose many musculoskeletal conditions, enabling them to visualize their patient’s joints and soft tissue structures. For our patients, this means less of their time being spent in treatment and diagnosis and more time being spent on healing and regaining their strength.

The purchase of this mobile ultrasound unit was made possible by Providence Healthcare Foundation’s generous donor population.The funds for the mobile ultrasound unit were raised through the Foundation’s 2017 Giving Tuesday campaign, an international day of giving that harnesses the power of social media to bring the world together in the spirit of charity. Our donors have always appreciated the importance of innovation in patient care, making it a priority to support accessibility of new technologies for Providence’s caregivers. We look to continue this vital support through future campaigns designed to support our patients, residents, clients and their families when and where it matters most.

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