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Meet Viani, single mother of three and a Providence Healthcare Hero

A modern day Wonder Woman

May 08, 2020

“I love what I do. There are good days and there are hard days. These days are longer and harder than most – I miss my kids and my mom, but this is what I signed up for. I’m here to make a difference and make hard days better.”

As a single mother of three daughters, a long-time volunteer and supporter of Providence Healthcare Foundation and a Nursing Practice Consultant for Providence Healthcare, Viani’s days are busy. With her children grown, she feels like Providence is where she is most needed, to help those within her care and her team get through these dark days of COVID-19.

Viani has an unwavering commitment and love for Providence – dating back to when she first started with the hospital at the tender age of 15, working alongside the Sisters of St. Joseph as a Co-op student. What began as a way of fulfilling high school credits, inspired her to find her life’s calling – to become a nurse and care for the patients and residents of Providence.

On the frontline of the battle against COVID-19, Viani’s role is critical. Even through long shifts and trying days, she finds the positive and inspires others who may be facing hard times. Having had years of experience in the hospital, with different titles, roles and responsibilities, many come to her for guidance, support and direction. If you ask anyone at Providence, they would describe Viani as warm, caring and brave, an advocate for patients and residents, a friend to all and a tireless leader in the organization.

Viani with her three daughters - Sabrina, Cassandra and TatianaViani with her three daughters - Sabrina, Cassandra and Tatiana

As a mother with elderly parents, this terrible virus is having the biggest impact on Viani’s family. She is taking every precaution to ensure her family stays safe, this means, not seeing her parents and extended family. While heartbreaking for her, she knows that this is necessary. She spends whatever spare time she has calling her parents and her brother, and checking in on her daughters at home – but she still misses them.

“It may be hard right now, but I know we will get through this together,” says Viani. “I see strength every day in my patients and residents, and this is so inspiring. So many come to us at the lowest points in their lives, so sick, unsure if they’ll be able to regain their strength again. We work with them, encourage them, and slowly but surely, they find their way to recovery. My patients push me every day to be better for them, because they need me, and they deserve it. This is why I am a nurse. I do it for them.”

It's Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10th, a day to celebrate our mothers or the mother-figures in our lives. This year, as we honour the women who gave us life, love us and care for us, we’d like to acknowledge the courageous healthcare workers, who for many do not have the opportunity to celebrate this special day with their families because of their selfless commitment to battling COVID-19 and providing compassionate care to the patients and residents of Providence Healthcare.

”Many Providence Healthcare staff will leave their families today to gown-up, put on masks and make sure that other people’s mother’s don’t feel alone. That is the job – and one I’m proud to do,” says Viani.

Show your support for these courageous Wonder Women like Viani. Donate to our COVID-19 Relief Fund to ensure these Healthcare Heroes have the resources they need to keep those within our care and the community safe.

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