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I'll be home for Christmas

Dec 19, 2017

As a 31-year old mother of two young boys, Kimberly Tamar had gone through a difficult couple of months.

In February of 2017, she decided to take a trip to Trinidad with some of her closest friends and family, in hopes of reconnecting with those she loved and hadn’t seen in a while. She was looking for a fresh start.

The dream trip that started as a renewal for this vibrant young woman changed her life in an unimaginable way.

On the day before she was to return home to Toronto, Kimberly and a few friends were in a devastating car accident. While the cause still isn’t known, it seems that the driver fell asleep and that marked the start of Kimberly’s dramatic journey.

The car flipped over a guard rail and the driver died instantly. Kimberly sustained life-threatening injuries including a fractured pelvis, two broken legs, and significant internal injuries. She was transported to the nearest hospital.

Kimberly’s mother, Pauline, had always been her biggest cheerleader. Within hours of hearing about the accident, she flew to Trinidad to be at Kimberly’s bedside. It took two weeks for the swelling in her brain to subside enough to be safely airlifted home to Toronto.

On June 20, Providence Healthcare became Kimberly’s next “home” and her intensive rehabilitation journey began. The swelling around her brain had been so severe that she was left without sight in one eye and limited vision in the other. The brain damage was permanent, leaving her with cognitive challenges. She had to learn to walk again, talk again and – most importantly – emotionally and spiritually heal.

At Providence, Kimberly was given the chance to start again. Your Christmas donation will help Kimberly and hundreds of other rehab patients flourish and return home.

As we approach Christmas, Kimberly is still with us at Providence. Eight months after her accident, her mind, body, and soul are slowly healing. Rehab is draining, grueling and full of emotion. But Kimberly is a superstar. Throughout these eight months, one thing has remained constant: her unwavering commitment to getting home as quickly and safely, and healthy as possible, to reunite with her boys.

She recognizes her new life limitations and is looking forward to taking on a new version of “normal” and returning her attention to mothering her boys. Being away from her kids has been the most difficult part of this experience for her.

Kimberly’s Christmas wish is a return to the warm embrace of family, a return to independence and dignity. The dedicated care team around her – nurses, therapists, social workers and physicians – are pushing every day to help her achieve that wish. They have given Kimberly hope and healing and a chance to celebrate special milestones together.

As Kimberly says, “they comfort and motivate me, and practice tough love when needed, but always in the most compassionate way. Although my parents, Pauline and Kennedy, and friends and family visit every week, they're so thankful that I’m in caring hands when they can’t be here with me.”

This Christmas, more than 230 patients will be with us in our rehab and palliative care programs and another 288 residents in the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence. We do all we can within our power to help people find joy and comfort over the holidays.

Yet all of us here hope that Kimberly will be at home, in the warm embrace of her two boys.

Please help Providence continue its 160-year legacy of compassion, hope and healing. Your donations are essential. Your generosity makes a tremendous difference as we strive to provide better, more quality care to people like Kimberly.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and safe Christmas season.