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"How I accidentally raised $12,000"

Mar 05, 2018

Written by: Hamzah Moin

When I first started working at Providence, the first question I asked, after “where are the washrooms?” was “where is the multifaith room?” as daily prayers are a central component of my faith. The answer I got back was “there isn’t one.”

After some rigorous exploring, I did eventually find a small prayer space in the Family & Guests Wing on D1, although I realized this is space is meant to be for palliative care patients and their families. I felt that there had to be way more people that would need a space like this and having a more centralized and bigger space near the main reception of Providence Hospital would be more convenient and awesome.

An opportunity arises...
I heard through the grapevine that the Spirituality & Diversity Committee was in the process of opening a bigger Multifaith Room close to the front entrance, making it more accessible for visitors. The only missing ingredient was the funding to make it a reality. I don’t really consider myself a fundraiser. Even while working at the Foundation, I left the fundraising to the pros. I thought I was just the Digital Guy AKA The Nerd, hired to make the website and social media channels cooler.

But the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan, was fast approaching and I knew it was a charitable time for my community. The timing was perfect to at least raise something for Providence’s new Multifaith room. Since I had no experience creating a live fundraising event, I figured pestering my friends and family on Facebook and Instagram could get the funds rolling instead. I expected about $1,000 to be raised over the month.

Overwhelmed with the support
It turns out, the idea really resonated with everyone, even with people beyond my circle. As I shared more updates on social media, the funds kept coming in. People of all faith groups were messaging me saying they just loved the idea of the project. “A Muslim, raising money for a Multifaith Room in a Catholic-based Hospital.” The concept of the Canadian mosaic community felt so real during that month. People of different faith groups coming together to build something amazing.

$11,860 later, the Multifaith Room ended up getting completely fundraised through 115 donors. This is what Peer2Peer Fundraising is all about! It was completely unexpected and the best part: it wasn’t even all that time-consuming. It just gave my social media activity a little more purpose.

We all have personal wish lists around the Hospital that we are passionate about. Mine was the Multifaith Room. What I didn’t realize was how easy it was to make that Providence wish list item come true.

You can do exactly the same thing...
Whether you want to do a Providence Mountain Climb, or dedicate your birthday or wedding to Providence (or do what I did and bug your friends on social media for Providence), we have a Peer2Peer initiative that can be customized for you. It’s a great way to get more people to know about Providence and the wonderful work that you do while also supporting a major project around the Hospital that you care about!