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Khizrana, better known as Kay, Resident Assistant with the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence

Houses of Providence: A compassionate and caring community for residents

Sep 08, 2020

"I love working with people and helping to care for residents," Kay shared.

Khizrana, better known as Kay, is a dedicated Resident Assistant, who's been with the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence for almost 20 years. She’s a calm tower of strength that helped to provide support to residents during COVID-19, and even now as things are seemingly returning to normal.

"I have never seen anything like COVID-19. Seniors living in long-term care have been the most impacted, because they weren’t able to see family and friends, not even their neighbours in the same facility. This made it so challenging and many of our residents felt afraid and alone,” Kay shared.

With the onset of COVID-19, Kay and her team had to work hard to implement the many changes at Providence Healthcare to keep our long-term care residents safe. "When Providence restricted visitors and volunteers in March, we all worked longer hours to ensure that our residents were well taken care of."

As visitors were restricted to minimize the risk of spread, residents were missing their families, Kay and her fellow staff members stepped up to keep residents happy. "We spent lots of time with residents talking to them, comforting them, making sure they were safe, eating well, sleeping, and participating in daily activities," said Kay.

Watch this video to see how long-term care residents at Providence were impacted by COVID-19.

Video: House of Providence Residents

Since restrictions have eased, the Houses of Providence has entered into a 'new normal' by ensuring residents have daily activities outside their rooms, enjoying time in nature outdoors, socializing and eating meals with fellow residents, while adhering to safety procedures and protocols.

The pandemic has affected Kay and her family, but she has taken necessary precautions and also undergoes periodic COVID-19 testing. She and her husband have three sons and three grandchildren. Her worry about contracting and passing on the virus to her colleagues and family is a big concern. "I'm always careful when I come home from work by following a few simple rules: wash hands regularly and often, wear a mask, and keep physical distance. It can be difficult. I worry because my husband is in his 70s and I have a two-month-old grandchild. I have to keep them safe," she explained.

While COVID has brought with it a number of challenges, Kay and the staff are doing everything they can to build a caring community of comfort and positivity for residents. "You have to be strong, caring, and able to problem-solve quickly,” said Kay. “Providence is a good place to work and live. It’s a place where people take care of each other – staff and residents."

Kay is one of the dedicated staff members here at Providence providing care for our long-term care residents.

Please donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our staff provide ongoing support and compassionate care to Providence residents.

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