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The Hero Bear is featured on the Crafty Mommy Crafts Facebook page.

Hero Bear and ear savers bring comfort to Providence Healthcare frontline staff

Jun 05, 2020

From side gig to fundraising venture

Samantha proudly describes her family as a “Providence family.” She is connected in so many ways: she’s an outpatient of the hospital, her husband works here and her mother-in-law is a retired staff member. Providence family feels like an apt description for her family, indeed.

Like many during COVID-19, Samantha has found herself working from home with significantly reduced hours. HR professional by day and Crafty-Mommy by night, Samantha decided to use her crafting to keep happiness levels up and stress levels down, this led to the birth of the “Hero Bear.”

Hero Bear, ear savers and Providence Healthcare Foundation

Samantha sold her first Hero Bear (HB) within 24 hours of posting its adorable image on her Crafty Mommy Crafts Facebook page. Requests to make more Hero Bears poured in. This lovable stuffed animal and the response to him, sparked Samantha’s philanthropic flame. “It is not about the money, it’s about the commitment,” said Samantha as she spoke about her fundraising drive.

Next came the ear savers. A healthcare worker mentioned the pain the masks caused her ears and Samantha created some ear savers for her. It’s a simple concept: a piece of crochet with two buttons have provided relief for the aching ears of frontline workers at Providence Healthcare and other front line workers. What began as a single request has turned into 43 sold in one week! “The ear savers are needed by the hospital staff. I am selling them for a Toonie and donating the profits made to the Providence Healthcare Foundation,” shared Samantha.

Unique giving

Our donors are unique and therefore, each have their own way of giving. Samantha’s incredible initiative is just one of those ways.

Support Samantha and her fundraising campaign by making a purchase at her online craft store. All proceeds from items ordered until Canada Day (July 1), will be donated to support Providence Healthcare.