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Tracy Stober, Providence Healthcare’s Registered Social Worker in the Palliative Care Unit

Give a helping hand: Providence patients need essentials during COVID-19

May 04, 2020

Providence patients are facing challenging days. As visitors have been restricted from the hospital, not only are they feeling alone, but many are coming with little to no basic essentials. Loved ones no longer have the ability to drop off care supplies such as toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste), underwear and clothing.

Sadly, some disadvantaged patients, those who were living in shelters or homeless, are brought to Providence and only have the hospital gown we give them. Our staff have been using their own resources to buy what is needed to ensure that patients have these essentials during their stay at Providence…and beyond.

Tracy Stober, Providence Healthcare’s Registered Social Worker in the Palliative Care Unit, and her colleagues worked together to create the Clothesline Project where staff could drop off essential goods like shampoo, soap, and clothes for patients.

“Our patients love it,” Stober said. “If they’re doing rehabilitation, they can wear more than a robe. If they don’t want to be in a hospital gown all day, they can wear clothes that were generously donated.It makes a huge difference to their experience.”

“It brings back the humanity in medicine,” Stober said. “We have to focus on the medical aspects of a person in a hospital, but being able to give someone clothes when they don’t have them is how we show our patients we care for all aspects of their lives.”

This need is growing daily. This is where YOU can help!

Donate during Giving Tuesday Now to help us meet the urgent care needs of patients at Providence. If you’ve been wanting to help this in need during this difficult time, today is the day! Your donation will have an immediate impact on patient care during COVID-19 and YOU will make a real difference.

Providence is asking for 100 care kits to provide essential supplies to 100 patients. Care kits are $100 each and include toiletries and other much needed items for patients during this pandemic.

On Giving Tuesday Now, make a donation and help a Providence patient!

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