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A Cool Pairing of Goodness!

Apr 26, 2017

Tropical Beginnings

One of Cuisine & Cuvée’s newer additions, Tropic Love, treated last year’s guests to a taste of paradise in the city with their fruit-infused smoothies made fresh on-site. Interestingly, Tropic Love and Cuisine & Cuvée’s story have tropical origins that began in the far reaches of the world, tracing their way back to Thailand. Evan Creighton, the Special Events Manager for Cuisine & Cuvée, met the founder of Tropic Love, Emanuel Katnelson, whilst backpacking in Southeast Asia. Nearly 12,000 km away from home, the two struck up a conversation over a tropical smoothie and were amazed to find they were both from Toronto!

Since then, Tropic Love has evolved into a mainstay at many festivals across Ontario, as well as Cuisine & Cuvée. Whether you fancy fresh pineapple and watermelon or coconut water and sorbet, there’s something for everyone at Tropic Love’s tiki hut!

Mi CASA es su CASA

Meet CASA manilla, an authentically homestyle Filipino delight, entering its 2nd year of watering mouths at Cuisine & Cuvée. Let’s just say, people were lined up around the neighbourhood when they arrived at the event and this year promises to be no different.

Upon opening their doors in 2012, Mila Nabor Cuachon, CEO and Creative Director, had a goal of amplifying “what is Filipino” while celebrating the unique diversity of regional and cultural influences found in their food, décor, lifestyle, hospitality, and people. Cooked the classical way is a blending of cooking methods and ingredients from Spain, China, America, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Asia and they remain unmistakably Filipino. (Insert photo of Mila 5039) CASA manila embodies the Mabuhay Spirit which means “Welcome and long live!".

They have fast become one of TO’s hottest food destinations as seen here on Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” as the first ever Filipino restaurant to be featured.

Taste Tropic Love and CASA manilla at Cuisine & Cuvée

Be a part of Cuisine & Cuvée at our new venue, REBEL. Our food and drink extravaganza will be bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before, with a goal of raising $250,000 (net) to support the patients and residents of Providence Healthcare. Tickets are on sale but almost sold out so get yours here today!

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