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On National Philanthropy Day, we say thank you!

Celebrating generosity at Providence Healthcare

Nov 12, 2020

On National Philanthropy Day, we say thank you

National Philanthropy Day is a special day set aside every 15th of November. Held annually, it is an opportunity to honour, recognize, and say "Thank You" to those who contribute their time, talents, and financial support to organizations who rely on charitable giving to do their work.

This year, the support of the Providence Healthcare Foundation community of donors has had an enormous impact on our patients, residents, staff, volunteers, and their loved ones. During these unprecedented times, it is the generosity and dedication of our supporters that have enabled Providence Healthcare to meet the demand that COVID-19 has placed upon our institution.

Over the last eight months, Providence has seen our donor community step up in unprecedented ways. From donations of $100,000 to gifts made a few dollars at a time, to wellness services for our staff and special treats for our patients and residents, every single act of generosity has helped us do our work. Our ability to take care of our patients and residents is made possible in part through inspired acts of kindness from our donor community. Thank you!

The impact of donor support during COVID-19

“2020 has shown us the strength of our community and all that we can achieve when we come together,” said Nicole Nakoneshny, Interim CEO, Providence Healthcare Foundation. “Everyone here at the Foundation is so deeply grateful for the tremendous and continued support we have received. Given the challenges faced by Providence Healthcare during the pandemic, our fundraising efforts have been more important than ever before as we work to support the Hospital and the safety of those in our care.”

Below are just a few examples of the contributions from our community of support.

Mattresses when we needed them most

Early in the pandemic, our donors came together to raise money to bring 14 new clinical beds on-site. It took our donors just two days to reach our goal. These funds allowed Providence to rapidly expand its capacity to keep up with the growing demand of patient intake and alleviate the pressure on our acute care partners.

A new COVID-19 positive rehabilitation unit

In May, Providence became the second hospital in the country to offer rehabilitation specifically for COVID-19 positive patients, garnering national attention.

With donor support, we were able to consult with staff to safely design a unit that promoted safe physical distancing, equipped with essential PPE for all staff, new vital signs and blood pressure monitors, a separate area for staff documentation and reporting, and new isolation carts to ensure all supplies were stored safely.

This new rehabilitation and recovery unit for COVID-19 patients was important for helping them get the best care possible while they were on their challenging and isolated healthcare journeys. We provided them with a safe, compassionate place to rehabilitate safely and when deemed appropriate, discharged them home to be reunited with loved ones.

Equipment and supplies aplenty!

With the support of our donors we were able to purchase:

  • 14 iPads with infection-prevention cases to virtually connect residents in long-term care with their loved ones
  • 50 portable oximeters to measure patient vitals
  • 2 oxygen concentrators
  • 11 vital signs and blood pressure monitors
  • 100 clothesline essentials kits, providing basic necessities for low-income patients
  • Countless gowns, masks, gloves, and face shields to keep our staff, patients, residents and community safe

Our community comes through

Throughout the pandemic, our community of vendor partners has donated over $150,000 worth of supplies to the hospital, including gowns, masks, face-shields, and wellness products for staff and patients.

Additionally, when our staff were working long hours, our restaurant and community partners donated ~3,000 meals to Providence staff.

As the days soon became months and the morale of our staff began to wane, donors came together to provide ~1,500 personal care products, live music, a drive-in cinema experience, flowers, chocolates, energy drinks, granola bars, coffee and tea, and so much more.

A heartfelt thank you

On National Philanthropy Day, Providence Healthcare Foundation would like to say thank you to all of those who have made any sized contribution. Whether it be a dollar, a gift, a thought, or a prayer, your support during this difficult time has truly made a difference.

Today is a day for us to celebrate your generosity and kindness. We are truly grateful.

Thank you.