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Breakfast of Champions – Hope Starts Here inspires leaders in the pharmaceutical industry

Feb 13, 2017

On Thursday, February 2, Providence Healthcare and Sun Life Financial Canada co-hosted the first Hope Starts Here Presidents’ Roundtable Breakfast. It was a huge success, as many leaders in the pharmaceutical industry came together to discuss the latest in digital health and innovation.

Dan Chiasson, Vice President, Supply Solutions, McKesson Canada kicked off the breakfast with an introduction to Kevin Dougherty, President of Sun Life Financial Canada and Chair of the Providence Healthcare Foundation Board. As outstanding ambassadors and champions of Providence, Kevin and Dan spread awareness of the exceptional work being done at Providence while also highlighting the potential for enhanced innovation within our walls.

The Latest in Digital Health Solutions
Chris Denys, SVP of Possibilities, Sun Life Financial Canada touched on some of the successes of Sun Life’s digital strategies. The Sun Life app is one of the highest reviewed apps in health! Attendees were captivated to hear about the many opportunities for digital health in Canada.

Afterwards, Dr. Peter Nord, Chief of Staff, Providence Healthcare, gave a riveting presentation on the types of innovation that happen at Providence Healthcare, and the myriad innovation potentials of marrying some of the digital strategies that were discussed earlier in the session. With greater use of data and digital innovation, Providence continues to enhance the patience care experience.

Full circle to Hope Starts Here
Jennifer Stewart, President and CEO of Providence Healthcare Foundation, capped the morning off with an invitation for attendees to come to Providence Healthcare and tour the Hospital. Kevin and Dan fell in love with Providence during their first tour and we hope to inspire the same passion in our new friends and partners.

Hope Starts Here is all about innovation, from process to the phsyical environment. At Providence, we build leaders who continue to innovate and inspire system-wide transformation. We are ecstatic to have partners by our side to be an integral piece of that change.

As a result of the Roundtable Breakfast, we discovered that we have a unique opportunity to create a forum to meet together, learn and share, and collectively make an impact on the people we are all serving in one capacity or another. So many of us are working on digital healthcare solutions, and together, we can build strong linkages and partnerships to better care for our patients.

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