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It’s for her comfort and safety

Jun 25, 2018

Ellen has one of the new beds we are switching to in our long-term care home – Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence. At 92, she finds it hard to relax at night, but she smiles when she says how comfortable she feels in her new bed. The mother of five, grandmother of nine and great grandmother to an increasing brood of little ones, deserves her sleep!

Sharon, a Registered Nurse and a member of Ellen’s care team, says the comfort of the beds has important health benefits. She explains the mattresses on the new beds are of better quality, leading to an increased quality of sleep.

But even more, Sharon appreciates the safety benefits of the new beds. Ellen has experienced the trauma of a fall before, so she and her caregivers know how important it is to minimize the risk.

The new beds have the ability to be lowered to the ground, which reduces the risk of injury. If a confused or agitated resident is trying to get out of bed, they can safely move onto the floor or fall mat. The new side rails are also safer – they look more like a vertical grab bar compared to the old horizontal rails, providing stability when needed, and also preventing the risk of a resident being trapped or hurt.

“You might not think of it because our primary concern is always the resident, but it’s also awful for the staff when a resident falls or is hurt,” says Sharon. “We want to protect them and we truly appreciate the new beds for their safety features. They are actually reducing our anxiety and stress, too.”

Help us raise funds for more beds

We are buying new beds that meet the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care revised safety standards and new mattresses that improve sleep. The old bed frames were standard when they were bought 18 years ago. Since 2015, the Houses of Providence have been fast-tracking this initiative – all but 63 of the 288 beds have been replaced so far with our limited funds, but it will take another two to three years to complete the switchover…unless we can raise the funds sooner.

What should you do?

This fundraising campaign is part of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, an initiative by CanadaHelps to raise money for charities during June.

Please make a donation today! You can send a gift of $50, $100, $250, $500 – or fund a whole bed and mattress with a gift of $2,500. You can even help us buy a number of beds! Every donation will get us closer to our goal of buying 63 new beds this year.

When you donate, you will be helping a person living in long-term care be safer, more comfortable and maybe even healthier!

Imagine that! How much can you give?

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