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Anne and Bob's Love Story

Nov 07, 2015

My wife Anne is 88 years young and I am a few years younger (but not too much!). Our life was interrupted back in April by Anne’s hip fracture that resulted from a late night fall. Following successful emergency surgery, Anne was transferred to Providence to begin her rehab journey.

My Anne has always been active and full of life. She was determined to return home as soon as possible to resume her regular life and many interests, like painting and gardening. With the help of Providence staff, and a routine of daily physio and exercise, Anne graduated from a wheelchair, to a two-wheel walker, to a cane. I visited her every day to share meals at her bedside and to encourage her at bedtime to “hurry home” to me. I was feeling lost without her.

Several weeks of follow up in the Providence Mobility Clinic gave Anne the additional skills and confidence she needed to handle a variety of tasks and daily activities. Anne’s physical recovery had been nothing short of remarkable, even for someone much younger than her 88 years.

With practice, determination, and great coaching from her Providence team, Anne soon reclaimed many of her abilities. We both feel so grateful to Providence!

As I said at the Silver Ball, “Thank you so much for giving me my wife back!” Anne and I first met on the dance floor in 1958 as students at a university event. And it was on the dance floor at the 2015 Silver Ball that we met the many generous Providence Healthcare Foundation sponsors and donors. Our continuing future journey of “Love & Laughter” will always be influenced by the compassionate care received from Providence, and we will always be grateful to those who give back. You have helped change our lives for the better.

As I said at the Silver Ball, “Thank you so much for giving me my wife back!”

- Bob McAndrew