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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Dellene Sakaguchi, a Practice Consultant and Physiotherapist in our Orthopaedic and Amputee Clinic, was one of 12 employees chosen to participate in ‘Leading Self ’, a pilot project for the first phase of Providence’s Leadership Development. Says Dellene, “I’ve learned that leadership comes from within. Until you have confidence in yourself, you can’t empower others. Leading Self gave me the skills to help my patients find the answers and make their own discoveries.”

Investing in Our People

Providence Healthcare has created a culture of continuous learning by developing an environment where learning opportunities abound – through new programs where staff learn about achieving their potential, new ways of communicating more effectively with each other and by enhancing and expanding our dynamic program of online learning, to name a few.

Many staff members also pursue learning outside the organization and Providence helps them do that. In 2017/18, over $115,000 in education grants were awarded to our staff members.

Leadership Development Institute

Our Leadership Development Institute (LDI) launched in May 2013. The LDI is a three phase program (Phase 1 – Leading Self, Phase 2 – Leader as Coach, Phase 3 – Leading Systems) designed to support the development of our leaders of today and prepare our emerging leaders to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Through personal engagement in coaching relationships and the Leadership Development Institute (LDI), our leaders have experienced coaching themselves and understand personally the benefits of coaching to their growth and development, and to reaching their personal and professional goals.


Providence’s vision includes embedding a coaching approach into the fabric of the system - from the executive level to the front-line staff - in their conversations with patients and families. To that end, we identified a group of leaders to receive Accredited Coach Training. Providence is developing internal capacity for coaching so that coaching can be made more available to all staff – managers, supervisors, front-line staff and volunteers.


To keep our staff up-to-date and trained on key policies and procedures, Providence uses online eLearning modules so employees can learn without having to leave their work area.

Participation in eLearning has grown considerably through incentives to improve course completion rates, surveys to identify knowledge sustainment gaps, and redesigned modules that better engage staff.

Crucial Conversations

In a health care environment, employees must have the confidence to raise concerns and initiate open dialogue with anyone in the organization. Certified Providence staff members lead two-day courses in ‘Crucial Conversations’, teaching skills on how to speak and be heard (and encourage others to do the same) when the stakes are high and strong emotions are involved with opposing opinions. Currently, over 70 per cent of our staff have participated in this dynamic workshop which is offered several times per year.