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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Providence’s Nursing Practice Consultants

By Monique Robichaud, Leo Audette and Viani Tropiano (pictured L-R)

You know us as nurse ‘educators’, wound care consultants, mentors, best practice gurus – we are all this and more because we are here to provide clinical practice coaching as an adjunct to clinical education. While we concentrate our focus on nurses and nursing practice, we do so within an interprofessional practice construct.

As with other Regulated Health Professionals, nurses are required to maintain competency and skill throughout their professional careers, ensuring they grow their practice as their care setting and patient needs demand.

That’s where our role as Practice Consultants is instrumental. We discover, develop and share material designed to keep our nurses up-to-date on the latest health-care information, techniques, best/evolving practices, data, policies and procedures, as well as the College of Nurses of Ontario and other legislative standards that will help our patients, residents and clients recover and stay well.

To do this, we use a variety of approaches, including:

  • Collaborating with our Learning and Development team to provide online learning opportunities
  • Individual learning and mentoring at the patient bedside, in the classroom and on the unit
  • Round table discussions
  • Conventional Providence Education Programs (PEPs) that typically last 20-60 minutes
  • Various educational segments during Interprofessional Grand Rounds, like October’s topic on ‘Therapeutic Relationships’
  • Regular nursing newsletters updating practice
  • Improved access to clinical policies and procedures
  • Supporting late career nursing initiatives and nursing peer support group
  • Leadership through Nursing Advisory Council work

As we influence change, evaluate the processes and strengthen the voice of nursing, we are supporting the vision of clinical leadership. That vision is to engage each nurse to be accountable for her/his own learning/action as lifelong adult learners.

Our goal through coaching and influencing is to support our nurses using their individual unique experiences, knowledge and strengths to continue moving forward to realize their own full potential and role in the recovery of those we serve at Providence Healthcare. Our mantra: quality, safety and great patient outcomes – or, in the patients voice, keep me safe, don’t hurt me and help me get home.