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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

One of a Kind

Ontario’s First Registered Practical Nurse Educator

Viani Tropiano has something to smile about. The seasoned nurse is coming up to her one-year anniversary as a ‘Nursing Practice Consultant’ at Providence Healthcare, a role she’s passionate about and that’s truly unique to her. Why unique? Viani is the first full-time nurse educator in Ontario that’s a Registered Practical Nurse. Drawing on close to 20 years experience, Viani advises Providence nurses on a broad range of Professional Practice issues and activities to ensure safe, competent and ethical care of patients. Most recently, the College of Nurses of Ontario selected Viani as one of the faces for their 50th anniversary campaign.

What do you like best about rehabilitation nursing?

I like seeing patients accomplish the goals they set out for themselves. It gives me a great feeling seeing a person go from limited mobility to becoming independent enough to be discharged home. It’s great knowing I’m part of the team that’s helping patients achieve their goals.

You’ve been a nurse educator for almost a year. What made you want to be a nurse educator?
Becoming a nurse educator was a chance that I needed to take to advance my career into a formal leadership role.

In chatting, you mentioned you’re passionate about Wound Care… what makes it your passion?

Because I can see the healing process. Not every wound is the same just like not all patients are the same, so all wound care plans need to be tailored to each patient. Someone once told me that wound care is the “art of a nurse” and that stuck with me. I try anything within my scope to help promote healing and improving quality of life for our patients.

What’s the future hold for you?

I’m currently doing my upgrading to get into the RN program. I’ve been at Providence for about 27 years, and I wish to work here for a long time yet.

Visitors to the College of Nurses website will find profiles of Viani and other practicing nurses who embody leadership and the College’s standards, as well as a special anniversary video.