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Gregory Clark visits Variety Village up to three times a week, where he continues working toward his rehab goals. (Photos by Ramon Syyap)

Enjoying new rehab experiences

New program is an effective transitional resource for returning home

By Emily Dawson

When Gregory Clark was discharged from Providence, he felt a little discouraged. “Although I was physically stronger after my rehab, and I could do more than I thought I’d be able to, I wasn’t working and I was worried I’d be bored at home. I knew that could set back all the progress I’d made,” said Clark.

Clark was both an inpatient and an outpatient at Providence. As a recent amputee, he had to learn to stand, balance, walk and manage a prosthetic leg. The challenge was daunting, but he was dedicated to his rehab.

“I set realistic goals and didn’t expect to run and jump right away. I had to give it time to see progress, and I had to follow everything my therapists told me.”

There was no “easy way” for Clark – it was sheer hard work and will. “I came to Providence in a wheelchair and I left with a walker,” he said.

190327-phc-rehab-350-228a.jpgOutside Providence, he needed a source of social and physical stimulation. Clark had heard about the Rehab to Community Transition program through a unique partnership with Variety Village. He embraced the idea and started going to Variety Village three days a week.

Clark’s voice is animated when talking about Variety Village. “I do many of the same physio exercises I did at Providence, and even work with one of the same therapists.

“I’ve made a lot of great friends. If I have to miss a session for any reason, they’ll call me and ask why I wasn’t there. They notice. It’s an amazing place - I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Providence’s partnership with Variety Village is an effective transitional resource for people returning home. It’s all part of Providence’s commitment to helping people flourish beyond our walls.

Second photo: Gregory Clark with members of his Variety Village care team including Providence physiotherapists Rony Toma and Christian Leyco.