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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Staff Certified in Advanced Ostomy Care and Management

Jul 12, 2016

Congratulations to Viani Tropiano and Shannon Krukowski who successfully completed the Advanced Ostomy Care and Management course. The 10-week comprehensive course, offered through the University of Toronto, provided Nurses and health care professionals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skill in the application of best practices for ostomy and peristomal skin care.

Various modules examining anatomy and physiology, pharmaceutical considerations and surgical procedures were covered in the learnings. Students were also fitted with an instructional ostomy bag for a full 24 hours to simulate some of the feelings faced by a user.

With technology advancing and ostomy care suppliers constantly developing new products, current knowledge of the field became especially paramount.

Achievements such as theirs ensure that our staff are better equipped to meet the requirements of the most complex patients as well as possess a deeper understanding of their needs.