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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Helping Our Patients Transition Home

Mar 31, 2016

On March 29, we introduced an automated calling system to follow patients after their discharge home. "Patients will receive a call with pre-determined questions and clear messaging, asking about their progress transitioning home," explains Kelly Tough, Providence's Patient Flow Manager. "Patients can opt out or choose live call options by contacting our Community Health Navigators at 416-285-3466."

How it Works?
The system will ask the patient a set of questions with several opportunities for the patient to request a live follow up call by a Community Health Navigator. The automated post discharge follow up call to our patients will improve the accuracy of tracking clinical data and increasing data usability. For example, the system can raise "flags" during the calls to be followed up by Community Health Navigators.

Says Tough, "Prior to the automation, we had three Community Health Navigators making calls to patients post-discharge at two days as well as one month post discharge to home. Automated post discharge calling allows us to streamline the process."

With automated calling, there's the ability to expand frequency of calls, languages used and lengthen times when calls are made (beyond weekdays to include evenings and weekends). Also, the automated calling system can support 80 percent of calls routinely made, freeing up time for Community Health Navigatorsto make the other 20 percent of calls to support more complex, higher risk patients.

"This automated system is one way in which Providence can stay in touch with more patients and be informed on opportunities for quality improvement," says Tough.