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Providence Healthcare

Falls Prevention Clinic Turns One

Oct 20, 2015

Congratulations to our Falls Prevention Clinic on turning one. To celebrate a full year of operation, the Clinic is hosting an anniversary celebration on October 21 to recognize all participants to date for completing the program. Following the formal portion of the event, there will be a tour conducted in the Clinic.

“We’re excited to have many clients attending, graduates and current patients in the program, as well as representatives from RBC Foundation who generously donated to our Clinic,” says Kim Owens, Patient Care Manager of the Clinic. “We’ll be able to celebrate the great progress we’ve made in our first year, and how well supported this very vulnerable population of people are, thanks to the work of our Clinic team.”

The program was first developed in early 2014 after staff noticed a gap in care and a potential risk for frail patients returning home after rehab at Providence. Identifying an increase in risk factors relating to potential falls with no clear solution in our current health care system, they championed the creation of the Falls Prevention Clinic. And thanks to a donation from RBC Foundation, the Clinic was able to add an additional therapist in October 2014, increasing the capacity to help more people.

“Since initial development, our metrics show a drastic reduction in the number of falls experienced by our clients while participating in the program, an average of 80 per cent less,” explains Owens. “We’ve heard from a number of patients how the program works, helping with their balance and with building their confidence.”

In addition to clients from Providence Hospital’s inpatient rehab program, the Clinic also accepts referrals from the community. In fact, several group-based Falls Clinics have referred their own clients to Providence because of the unique one-on-one approach.

“We’ve had referrals from the GAIN Clinic at Scarborough Hospital, Sunnybrook Falls Program, and the East Toronto Family Health Team,” adds Owens. “The wait list is growing (currently 26 days), so word is getting out that we have this program unlike any other.”

Risks reviewed with clients at the initial appointment include their falls history, health status, pharmacological, environmental, socio-demographic, physical (e.g., balance, gait, strength), emotional (e.g., fear of falling, mood) and cognitive (e.g., memory changes) components.

Following an assessment, patients receive 10-12 visits, including one-on-one sessions with a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Rehab Assistant, as well as the opportunity to access additional Providence education sessions.

“We focus on patient-specific goals, helping them to improve their balance, gait, strength and functional mobility. We help them with daily living skills like bathing, dressing, cooking and shopping, and link patients with supports in the community,” says Owens. “Our goal is to help our people return home safely, and safely continue their lives in the community.”

For more information on Providence’s Falls Prevention Clinic, contact Providence’s Admissions Hotline at 416-285-3744.