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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Diamond Shapes on Floor as Part of Wayfinding

Aug 18, 2017

Another major piece of Providence’s wayfinding project has been installed on our 1st floor. A path composed of green diamonds now extends from Patient Health Records in Providence Hospital to the link at the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence on the north end of our property.

The installation provides patients, residents, clients and especially first time visitors with a better navigation tool to locate several points of interest on the 1st floor. As a frequently travelled throughway, it now allows staff to provide a more usable and standardized set of instructions when directing visitors through some of the winding corridors in this section of the campus — “follow the green diamonds.”

The green diamond path passes by our Palliative Care Family and Caregiver Floor, the Lab, the Staff Gym and the Seasons Café. It also intersects additional paths (blue dots, orange dots) that can be used to access our Outpatient Clinics entrance.

This is one of several wayfinding installations aiming to improve the experience at Providence. Stay tuned as we continue to develop and update our campus directories to better reflect these additions and inform those we serve.