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Family Council

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Communication ~ Advocacy ~ Responsiveness ~ Education ~ Support

The Family Council meets to identify and seek solutions to common concerns related to the quality of care and quality of life for all residents living in the Houses of Providence. Your Family Council CARES.

Our Goals

  • To welcome and support all residents and their families.
  • To provide an opportunity for family members to learn and gain an understanding of the Houses and how it operates.
  • To advocate on behalf of residents who are unable to voice their concerns and needs.
  • To promote open communication between families and staff.
  • To support and enhance the Houses of Providence Quality Improvement Plan.

Join Family Council and Get Involved!

As a member of you will:

  • Be informed on issues that impact quality of care and life for all residents.
  • Have the opportunity to get involved in advocating positive changes for all residents.

For more information on the Family Council, phone 416-285-3742 (Press 7), or give us your opinions and concerns by using the ‘Suggestion Boxes’ located by the elevator on each upper floor and behind the reception desk on the main floor.

Family Council Initiatives

  • To increase the profile of the Family Council.
  • To have a family representative from each House participate on the Family Council.
  • To increase volunteerism at the Houses of Providence.
  • To organize a fun Family Council Day for all residents and their families.
  • To create an informational “Living at the Houses” Handbook for families by families.

The Council also sponsors a mentoring program called Lending a Compassionate Ear for fellow family members. Click HERE to learn more.

Who We Are

Family Council Executive

Ann Marie Markle, Family Council Representative; Shirley McFee, Facilitator; Chris Guzzo, Secretary; Cathy Mason and Mary Boff, Treasurers; Teresa Comiskey, Past Chair.

* Providence Healthcare encourages initiatives that uphold our Values of Community and Compassionate Service, such as the Family Council and the Family Council Mentoring Program. As an independent program, please note that the opinions expressed are the views of the representatives of the Family Council and may not reflect the views and opinions of Providence Healthcare. *