Helping People Healing Lives

Providence Hospital is one of Ontario’s largest post-acute hospitals providing inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to assist people in their return home. Our goal is to provide seamless, integrated care along the patient’s healing journey from hospital to home for those who are recovering from major illness or surgery associated with stroke, lower limb amputation, hip fractures or other complex medical conditions.

Our rehabilitation programs focus on providing our patients, clients and their families, with the interventions, treatment, resources and supports required to recover to their maximum potential and achieve independence with dignity.

Our programs are supported by skilled interprofessional teams including Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Therapeutic Recreationists, Social Workers, Dietitians, Speech Language Pathologists, Pharmacists and Physicians. All patients and families are engaged in identifying goals, planning care and the ongoing review of progress planning and discharge.

At Providence, planning for discharge starts as early in the trajectory of recovery as possible, at times while patients are still in acute care or the community. An important part of the process is establishing an expected date of discharge as soon as possible and identifying potential barriers to discharge so that the patient/family and team have as much time as possible to resolve the barriers and to best prepare for the transition
to home.

Rehabilitation in Two Phases

Phase 1: Inpatient - Improving the patient’s abilities while staying with us.

Phase 2: Outpatient - Recovery while living at home, learning to adapt to their new life.

At Providence, we believe that recovery continues beyond an inpatient stay. Support from the community is very important to continued health and well-being. As part of the recovery process, patients are encouraged to go on outings to the community and to visit their home prior to discharge. This helps the patient and their family/caregivers to plan for a safe transition from hospital to home. Patients are encouraged to take a proactive role in setting their own goals. Providing people with choice is both empowering and vital to a successful outcome.

Part of the patient’s recovery may include the return to Providence following discharge for further support in one of our Outpatient Clinics such as the Stroke and Neuro Clinic, the Mobility Clinic, donated by HCAT, or the Amputee Assistive Devices Clinic. In the clinics, the interprofessional team approach will continue, where expert clinical staff come together to treat all facets of the patient recovery, including living skills.

Our community links include the Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), community service providers, community day hospitals and acute care referring hospitals.

Our Rehabilitation Program includes