For Seniors

The Regional Geriatric Program

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Refer to the descriptions below to determine if a physician’s referral is required.

Geriatric Outreach

This off-site service provides comprehensive assessments for older adults in the client’s home and is conducted by a health care professional.

Pharmacy Home Visits

This clinical pharmacy service is designed to optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients through a home assessment of all aspects of medication use.  An Assessment Summary is provided to the family doctor with recommendations, if applicable.

Read more about Pharmacy Home Visits in Pharmacist Makes ‘House Calls’.

Geriatric Medicine Clinic

The on-site Geriatric Medicine Clinic provides medical assessment, consultation, and treatment, by a geriatrician and health professionals, for older adults who are able to visit our facility.

Referral by physician only.

Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic

On-site assessment, consultation and treatment by a Geriatric Psychiatrist for older adults who may have a mental health issue, a dementia syndrome, or a behavioural and psychosocial symptoms of dementia.

Referral by physician only.

Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant Program

Provides education, consultation and program development for staff of long term care homes, community service agencies or CCACs, regarding the complex needs and associated behaviours of their clients/residents.