For Hospital Patients

Inpatient clinics are for Providence Hospital patients and residents of the Houses of Providence. For further information,  please call 416-285-3619.

Dental Clinic

Services include examination, cleaning of natural teeth and dentures, fillings, extractions, making of dentures, repair, relining and labeling of dentures by a Dentist. Please note that there is a fee for service.

Eye Clinic

Services provided by an Ophthalmologist include: examination, vision testing for prescription eyeglasses, treatment of infections, funduscopy and screening for glaucoma and other medical conditions, and referral for surgery.

Dermatology Clinic

Services provided by a Dermatologist include: examination and treatment of skin problems, rashes, non-healing sores or wounds, screening for skin cancer, liquid nitrogen freezing for minor surgeries and referral to plastic surgery.

Cardiology Clinic

Services include assessment and treatment of cardiac conditions by a Cardiologist.

Physician Consultations

Patients of Providence Hospital can be referred to Providence’s Physiatrist specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; or a Physician specializing in pain care.