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Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Outpatient Clinics and Services Referrals

Our Outpatient Clinics and Services provide community-based programs with a strong focus on the needs of both individuals and their caregivers. Building strong community networks and connections is a key priority for us. Our outpatient clinics and services are designed to promote recovery while living at home.

Our Outpatient Clinics and Services include:
  • Rehabilitation: Stroke and Neuro Clinic - high or low intensity, as determined at Providence
  • Progression: Orthopaedic and Amputee Clinic
  • Progression: Falls Prevention Clinic (a part of our Assess and Restore Services)
  • Progression and Maintenance: Assess and Restore Services

Referrals can be made by the patient’s primary care physician or family health team; a health care professional at a hospital emergency department; a Community Care Access Centre (CCAC); other agencies in the community. We encourage community organizations to work in consultation with the person’s family physician to make the referral to the pathway. A physician or nurse practitioner should sign the referral form.

Referrals from Acute Care or External Inpatient Rehab: Patients are referred through the standardized and appropriate referral process (such as e-stroke) or through the paper-based GTA Rehab Network Outpatient rehab referral.

Referrals from Community: Please complete our community referral checklist.

Fax completed referrals to our Admissions office at 416-285-3759.

For any questions, please call our Admissions Hotline at 416-285-3744.

For additional information on how to make a referral, please download and read our Referring Partners Guide. Learn more about our Outpatient Clinics and Services here.