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Become a Community Engagement Partner

Community Engagement at Providence

At Providence, we believe community engagement will bring value to the people we care for through joint planning, decision-making and actions.

We are welcoming patients/residents/clients/family members/caregivers and anyone else in the Providence community who would like to contribute towards enhancing relationships and strengthening the services we provide.

We are working to develop a culture of engagement with open and meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders, improving care and overall experience for our patients, residents, clients, families and caregivers.

Community engagement enables a two-way interaction between Providence and our community, including you! We invite you to add your voice to projects happening here right now. Join our team of Community Advisors and work with Providence staff to:

  • Explore how to improve patient, resident and client experiences
  • Discuss new opportunities for client and family-centered care
  • Share your thoughts on the impact of new strategies from a public perspective

Today, health care poses new challenges and presents us with an opportunity to respond with the same courage, creativity and compassion as our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. The following package provides you with an overview of our framework, what’s involved and how you can be a part of the process. We invite you to find out more and have your voice make a difference.

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