Volunteers gain retail sales experience in the Providence Hospital Gift Shop.

Helping people. Healing lives. Providence Healthcare isn’t just about providing excellent clinical care, it’s about enriching the lives of our patients, residents and clients by attending to their needs with thoughtfulness, understanding and sensitivity. That’s where the work of our volunteers makes a difference in the lives of so many of the people in our care.

This compassionate service is demonstrated through a friendly visit, helping someone at mealtime, participating in an activity, or providing a service – all can brighten someone’s day. Providence Healthcare offers volunteer opportunities seven (7) days per week for adults, whether retired or employed and students, looking to fulfill hours towards the OAC volunteer credit requirement and gain valuable job experience.

We ask our volunteers to commit to one of the following choices:

  • A minimum of one shift (3-4 hours) for six months and 75 hours for the regular volunteer program for both adults and youth
  • A minimum of one shift (1½ hours) per week for a total of 64 hours assisting with meals in the Houses of Providence, our Long-Term Care Home

Summer Youth Program

Our Summer Youth Program is a popular choice for students. This program allows students to enhance various work-related skills, develop leadership qualities, complete the volunteer hours needed for school, and build meaningful relationships while making a difference in the community.

Students volunteer four hours a day, five days a week, for four weeks during the months of July and/or August for a total of 80 hours. The experience is also very rewarding for our residents, patients and clients. Students 14-25 years of age, still attending school, may apply for the Summer Youth Program. Summer Youth applicants must complete the application process (listed below) prior to starting their volunteer placement.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at Providence allows you to be part of a team to learn, increase skills, build meaningful relationships and earn recognition. Some of these opportunities include:

Spiritual and Religious Care: Volunteers escort residents and patients to and from the multi-denominational church services and weekly hymn sing. Other specialized positions may be available.

Clerical and Reception: Volunteers assist with filing, telephone reception and other clerical duties.

Friendly Visiting/Escorting: Be a friend to a patient, resident or client who may not have visitors on a regular basis, by escorting them to various activities; taking them for walks or simply having a friendly chat.

Meal Assistance: Enhance the mealtime experience of a patient and/or resident by assisting them with their daily meals.

Patient Satisfaction Survey:  Join an amazing team of volunteers who visit with patients prior to discharge and find out what they thought of their stay here at Providence.  The results of the survey let us know what we’re doing right and where we can improve to better assist the people in our care.

Recreation (Large Group Activities): Assist with and/or facilitate activities such as games, sing-alongs, movies, arts and crafts, bowling, bingo and special events.

To apply for a volunteer position, fill in our Volunteer Application and drop-off, fax or mail the completed application package to the Volunteer Services department at Providence Healthcare.