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Patient Declaration of Values

Under the Excellent Care For All Act, hospitals across Ontario developed statements to reflect the values and needs of patients. Following consultations with patients, Providence Healthcare created the following Patient Declaration of Values:

As a Patient, I want…

Respect and Compassion

  • Staff who are friendly
  • My call bell to be answered promptly
    • To know that the staff are there for me, genuinely asking how I am doing and then following through
  • Compassion in words and gestures
  • Respect for me and my belongings
  • Staff who listen to me
  • To be treated as a person, not as a number
  • To be asked if I am ok
  • Access to spiritual and religious care
  • Access to meaningful activities


  • Staff who are competent
  • Staff who work together as a team with me to achieve my goals
  • The right tools to make sure what needs to happen can take place
  • To know that my care will not be rushed
  • To receive good care
  • To know that the equipment is good
  • To be helped to know what questions I should be asking
  • To have the information I need in order to get back to my life
  • To be told what I should expect