Accommodations Nearby

Providence has compiled this list of nearby hotels and motels, and is intended solely for the convenience of potential visitors to Providence Healthcare. This list does not imply a recommendation of any kind by Providence.

Providence Healthcare is located on the northwest corner of Warden Ave. and St. Clair Ave E:
3276 St. Clair Ave. E.
Toronto, ON M1L 1W1

Days Inn, 2151 Kingston Rd. 416-261-8100

Avon Motel, 2800 Kingston Rd. 416-267-0339

Park Motel, 3126 Kingston Rd. 416-261-7241

Super 8 Motel, 3280 Kingston Rd. 416-261-6125

Comfort Inn, 3306 Kingston Rd. 416-269-7400

Lido Motel, 4674 Kingston Rd. 416-286-5555

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